Hands on: iPhone 5S review

The new iPhone 5S is a solid upgrade of theiPhone 5 , but with a few key changes: the processor is more advanced than ever, the camera has been upgraded and, most importantly, there's a fingerprint sensor.

On top of that there's the added bonus of a faster GPU (to help power all those teeny tiny pixels rolling around and changing colour in the display) as well as an uprated power pack to keep things moving.

And, as expected, the iPhone 5S is the poster boy for iOS 7, with the new display offering the best look yet at the new flatter, sleeker operating system from Apple.

iPhone 5S review

In our plays with the beta version of the OS, some elements were noticeably slow or jumpy (although this was very much because we weren't on final software) but with the iPhone 5S everything just flows around as smoothly as possible.

iPhone 5S review

The design of the iPhone 5S isn't a great leap forward, with the chassis remaining largely the same as the iPhone 5 in keeping with Apple's tradition of using the core model as the base for the sequel, before releasing a 'true' evolution next year.

Even though we knew this was coming, we can't say that we aren't a little disappointed as the rumours around the iPhone 6 hint at a dramatic redesign of the device as well as a new material type to make it feel even better in the hand.

There are three colours to choose from, with silver, gold and 'space grey' coming in to give another option to consumers looking to mark themselves out in the iPhone game, especially at the sharp end. If you're after colour, then the iPhone 5C is your friend - that thing comes in five different options, with cases that you can stick on top, too.

iPhone 5S review

The design of the iPhone 5S is, as we said, pretty similar to what we've seen before, so colour aside you'd struggle to see if someone is packing a new or old version of the phone with the larger screen.