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Secure your Google Account with YubiKey


When it comes to email accounts, strong security should be the top priority, especially in today’s environment where hackers and malware attacks are predominant. Traditional or basic login is simply not enough to ensure that accounts are secured. For this reason, the use of a security key is recommended for added protection.


A security key is a device that provides high-level authentication services to prevent cyberattacks like account phishing. Enter the YubiKey, a hardware security key that delivers strong two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication and is compatible with Google accounts.


To ensure complete protection for Google accounts, the following YubiKey products are recommended:


  • YubiKey 5 Series - a multi-protocol physical security key that delivers a strong defense against phishing and account takeovers with two-factor and multifactor authentication. It is suitable for all web services with its rich features and support services like the FIDO2, U2F and smartcard to secure accounts on all devices. USB-A, USB-C, Lightning and nano form factors are available.


  • YubiKey Bio Series - a link-up of Yubico’s hallmark security and increased user convenience through passwordless biometrics authentication. It is a single hardware key that provides impeccable login methods, including biometrics and PIN-based authentication supported by FIDO2/WebAuthn.


  • YubiKey FIPS Series - an FIPS 140-2 validated security key that blocks unauthorized access and allows government agencies and other regulated industries to meet the NIST’s Authenticator Assurance Level 3 (AAL3). This series offers 6 different compatibilities, including USB-A, USB-C, NFC and Lightning.


  • YubiKey Sky Series - an all-in-one security key that ensures innovative and flexible authentication and secures hundreds of online services like Google accounts with FIDO support.



Setting up YubiKey to protect Google accounts from account takeovers is quick and convenient. Here are the requirements for setup:

  • Browser that natively supports U2F (Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox)

  • A Google account (Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, Blogger, Google Ads)


For managed Google accounts, the administrator should enable two-step verification before using

YubiKey. If two-step verification is not available, contact the administrator for a security option.


How to Set Up YubiKey on Your Google Account

1. Turn on 2-step verification (proceed to the next step if already set up).

2. Add a security key, preferably add two YubiKeys or security keys where it can be interchangeable

or set up both as either a primary or a backup device.

3. Print out and/or save backup codes as reference once you have logged in without your YubiKey. Scroll

down once YubiKey(s) was added and click Show Codes, then click Download or Print and save

the codes.

4. Set up Google Authenticator as an alternative to generate verification codes if you don’t have

your YubiKey as they can still receive codes even if not connected to the Internet.


Your YubiKey is now registered to your account as your default two-step authentication. You have access to add another or remove a security key and see all devices that are registered in the account.

If you lose your YubiKey, remove it from your account at Your account is highly secured as unauthorized users will still need your username and password to access the email.


Login to your Google Account

You can easily log in to your Google account using YubiKey with these simple steps:


1. Insert your YubiKey once you need to login to your Google account.

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Click the YubiKey once it begins to blink.


You can check the box to “Remember this computer for 30 days” if you want easy login without repeatedly inserting your YubiKey account. Click Use a verification or Authenticator app if you don’t have your YubiKey.


Yubico is a worldwide authentication leader that delivers straightforward and effective secure access to

computers, servers and Internet accounts. Yubico’s security key, YubiKey, is the industry’s pioneer in

delivering high level authentication standards with its two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless

authentication features.


The company also provides authentication protocols including Yubico U2F

security key. Yubico offers premium and efficient range of YubiKey security key NFC and Bio products

such as, YubiKey 5 NFC, YubiKey 5C NFC, YubiKey 5Ci, YubiKey 5 Nano and YubiKey Bio. To learn

more about other Yubico products, call +63 2 8858 5555